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Get to know about your strengths and limitations with our scientifically developed career test which analyses you on more than 64 parameters to help you understand yourself and your match with more than 170+ careers.


Get one-on-one counseling from our team of experienced and top-rated career counselors, and finalize your perfect career. Build an action plan and roadmap for success in your dream career and initiate your journey towards the same. Get help in building your profile with our proprietary technology which has helped more than 17000 students stand out.


Get one-on-one mentoring from professionals in the field of your calling. Let those who have already walked the path of success in your field illuminate the path for you. Clear all your doubts about the career of your choice and get a headstart in the competition. This is only for the undergraduates and working professionals taking our services.


Get personalized notifications with our AI-driven platform to keep you updated with the latest trends in the career of your choice, activities to help you upskill yourself, content to keep you interested and motivated for your career. Also, get other relevant information like exam dates, scholarships, college application deadlines and more with our platform. Never miss out on anything important for success in your career again.

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A. Pandey

I had a great experience with Discover Career. When we started my son was utterly confused however with Discover Career's Test and subsequent Counseling, he not only realized his strengths but also was able to work passionately towards his dream career under Team Discover Career’s guidance.

D. Agrawal

I came across Discover Career when we were at the crossroads of stream selection in grade XI. My brother was an average student. However after connecting with Discover Career he was able to decide on the right stream which provided him great clarity. Thanks Discover Career!

A. Bhushan

My daughter Samiksha really wanted to explore some careers, which could help bring out her creativity. She had always been good at creative writing, but was not sure of career paths. With the help of Discover Career's team, she discovered various amazing career options in the field of creative writing. Today she is studying in one of the finest universities in U.S.

Discover Career is India’s best, most efficient and impactful platform for accurate career assessment, counseling, and guidance for students and graduates. The Discover Career's Career Assessment Test, complete with 64 parameters across 5 dimensions, adopts a unique method to proceed towards finding a career that is the best fit for you. Introspect, initiate and achieve your career plans with Discover Career now!

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What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling refers to the process of selection, preparation and improvement of career and professional choices with the help of guidance from professional counselors. Confusion and indecisiveness can affect you at any point in your career and thus expert advice and support with proper measurement and assessment tools become important. With over 1,000 hours of counseling experience, Discover Career Career Counsellors are the most awarded and recognized team for providing the best counseling to students. Intense scientific research along with years of experience have gone into developing the most actionable and impactful developmental plan to help students explore, grow and excel in their dream careers.

What are Career Assessments?

Career Assessments are tests designed to measure an individual’s unique interests, personality, strengths, and aptitude to discover careers that fit him/her best. The Discover Career's Career Assessment Test evaluates and measures you on 64 parameters across 5 dimensions including Interest, Motivation, EQ, Personality, and Aptitude to arrive at your perfect career choice. Discover Career’s career assessment is India’s best and most advanced career test, leveraging decades of scientific research brought to you by alumni from Delhi University, UCLA, IIT and the best psychometricians in the country. Discover Career’s Career Assessment Test is the most comprehensive tool in the industry to make well-informed and accurate career choices.

What is Career Guidance

Career Guidance evolves an individual’s abilities in self-awareness, educational and career planning. Career Development requires efforts and with an expert mentor, these efforts can pay off in a fruitful way. Discover Career provides one-on-one consultation with industry experts in more than 150 careers to help you get insights into the careers of your choice. Discover Career's Career Counsellors construct personalized roadmaps and action plans to guide you through your journey towards finding the career that is the best fit for you. Personalized support and assistance even after the completion of the program is assured as Discover Career believes in the provision of proper guidance at every step of your career for a lifetime.
A personalized newsletter and suggestion platform helps you engage and excel in your chosen career path even after the completion of the program with Discover Career. This ensures that you or your child continue on the respective paths with determination and the most up-to date resources necessary.

Career Counselling in India

Our personalized, certified and expert career counseling services can be availed by students and graduates from all across the country. Our sessions are offered both face-to-face as well as through video chats and telephones for the convenience of people residing outside Delhi. Quality being our prime concern, both offline and online modes of support are equally efficient.